Destiny's Children: A Legacy of War and Gangs

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Carlos and Ivonne’s story, part 3

Although they try hard not to fight, Carlos and Ivonne keep having arguments about money. Carlos has stopped hanging around with his homeboys, but it is too late. No change he makes is enough for Ivonne to feel secure or happy with Carlos anymore.

For awhile they separate and Carlos takes Andrea to live with him at his brother’s apartment.

Carlos works driving a cab at night. He takes care of his daughter Andrea in the daytime.

Ivonne misses Andrea. She wants her baby back.

But Carlos refuses to leave his daughter with Ivonne.

Carlos and Ivonne fight constantly over who will care for Andrea. He tells her has a decent job as a taxi driver. He doesn’t want his daughter growing up with a barmaid for a mom.

For Andrea’s sake, Carlos and Ivonne decide to try to live together again as a family. They still do not trust one another very much, but besides Andrea they are all that each other has.

The reunion between Carlos with Ivonne is short–lived. One day he is stopped by immigration police. They discover he has no documents and he is deported back to El Salvador leaving his teenage girlfriend and baby alone in L.A.

At first Ivonne thinks of joining Carlos in El Salvador. But there are no jobs, and enemy gangs from LA are now in El Salvador too. Feeling trapped Carlos writes to her saying that he is coming back. He begs her to wait for him.

And so Ivonne and Andrea are awaiting his return.