Destiny's Children: A Legacy of War and Gangs

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Carlos’s Story, Part 4

CARLOS: Unable to accept many things, I’ve believed that life is unjust for many people.

Carlos discovers that his mother has cancer.

CARLOS: More than ever — I believed that — when I knew that my mother had little time left to live, when they diagnosed her with advanced uterine cancer and no possibility of surviving.

CARLOS: She was interned in her last days in a hospice that treated people with advanced illnesses, to keep them calm and without pain at the end.

CARLOS: Little boys and girls with AIDS played outside the rooms, not knowing they were sick. There were older women and young girls with cancer and AIDS that the staff would only approach wearing masks and gloves so as not to become infected.

CARLOS: It’s hard to accept that my mother is gone.

CARLOS: She was the only person who helped me and she knew me better than anyone.

CARLOS: My dreams and motivation to keep going were inspired by my mother.

CARLOS: Finally I showed my gratitude by leaving the gangs. I wanted to become the reflection of a mother’s dreams.

CARLOS: Now she is at rest. It has been difficult to accept it. Her death was very painful, and I’ve been suffering her loss constantly. But this is how things are. There is nothing one can do.

CARLOS: I only want her to know wherever she is, that I will now fight with all my strength to realize the dream that I whispered in her ear one day. My greatest dream has been to be an artist. And this from heaven she will always know.