El Salvador: PASSOS Education and Training Centre

PASSOS provides training, guidance and research for social action, with specialization in professional training for those who accompany and provide care for people living with drug addiction and social disadvantage.

Currently PASSOS has centers in 12 marginal communities of San Salvador.  Staff train community outreach workers to implement violence prevention curriculum in schools, run after school sports programs, and provide social accompaniament in marginal areas where gangs are entrenched. While  PASSOS is not an evangelizing or denominational organization, its philosophy of service to the poor and vulnerable owes much to the influence of  1980s Liberation Theology and the teaching of Archbishop Oscar Romero.  For Transito Ruano and her staff, at PASSOS those formative experiences in the popular movement during a period of heightened idealism continues to animate and sustain commitment in today’s challenging times.

Contact:  Transito Ruano
Calle Arce# 707 Edificio Rivas Cierra Local #200
San Salvador, El Salvador
Tel: 503-2271-5076