Guatemala: Caja Ludica Art based Education

Whether they are from rural or urban contexts, whether they are from indigenous backgrounds, the streets or the gangs, Caja Lúdica provides youngsters who live with great need and few opportunities an array of social, artistic, and educational possibilities.

Caja Ludica transforms the lives of homeless and culturally excluded Guatemalan children educating them in performance art and life skills that have enabled many to pursue a livelihood in the arts.

By helping marginalized young people discover creativity, a sense of purpose and self-worth, Caja Ludica provides its apprentice performers a path to earning a livelihood in the arts sector.  The organization’s motto is its practice: “Where war and violence have sown terror and fear, art and playfulness bring forth life, love happiness, beauty, understanding, consideration and brotherhood.”

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Contact: Jose Osorio, Director
6a Avenida 2~58 Zona 1 Guatemala City, Guatemala
Tel: 502-2221-1537