El Salvador: Equipo Nahual

Equipo Nahual is one of the few non-governmental organizations in El Salvador dedicated to community dialogue with active gang involved youth.   

Grupo Nahual convenes community circles to address issues using a Mayan practice giving the right to speak in turn to circle participants by passing a stick. The circles include gang involved youth.

Circles of Reconciliation are intended to generate community discussion and a permanent mechanism through which representatives of various community organizations including youth can safely discuss community security concerns related to youth gang activity. Overcoming the stigma attached to working with active gang members, while also educating the public about why young people join gangs and how communities can prevent gang violence, are challenging but essential components of  Equipo Nahual’s peace building process. The team at Equipo Nahual includes a trained psychologist with extensive experience dealing with gang involved youth and with the incarcerated.

Contact: Wilson Alexander Alvarado Aleman, Coordinator, Equipo Nahual
Telephone: (503)2291-3546
Telephone: (503)7792-4120