Honduras: Paz y Justicia

Paz y Justicia, or Peace and Justice, headquartered in La Ceiba, was formed as an arm of the Christian Civic Movement of the Honduran Mennonite Church. As the severity of the gang problem began to increase, Paz y Justicia developed a pilot outreach project in Choloma, an area near San Pedro Sula, which has been particularly affected by youth violence. 

Children at risk for gang involvement take a soccer break during a volunteer clean up program at a local school sponsored by the violence prevention program Peace and Justice/Paz y Justicia.

Today Paz y Justicia does training in conflict resolution in a variety of contexts including prisons and works in 3 distinct regions of the country.  A one on one “mentor model of accompaniment is used in interventions and rehabilitation work with active gang members. Conflict prevention work uses a community collaborative method to strengthen youth relations with local institutions such as schools and to provide vulnerable youth access to sports, arts and community volunteer projects in which they play a role in improving the quality of life for all.

Proyecto Paz y Justicia de la Iglesia Menonita
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America Central
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