Guatemala: The Association for Crime Prevention (APREDE)

APREDE’s pioneering crime prevention and gang rehabilitation programs have over the last decade confronted many challenges including the social cleansing of APREDE youth leaders.

Elubia Velasquez (left) and Gustavo Cifuentes (right) visit homeless addicts in Guatemala's zone one as part of their street outreach for the Alliance for the Crime Prevention (APREDE).

In adjusting to this repressive climate, APREDE has redefined its programming activities focusing on educational outreach programs with at risk children and youth and programs in prisons in conjunction with the Guatemalan Government’s Ministry of Culture and Sport. Gustavo Cifuentes himself a former gang member, currently runs APREDE’s prison outreach and street education programs. Elubia Velasquez works as an outreach worker.

Contact: César Aroche

Contact: Gustavo Cifuentes
Tel: 011-502 5689-0482

Contact: Elubia Velazquez
Tel: 011-502-5778-1315

Video: “Just Give Me a Chance