El Salvador: Goodbye Tattoo / Adios al Tatuaje (San Salvador)

Goodbye Tattoo (El Salvador) is a specialized tattoo removal program of the Padre Rafael Palacio Clinic in Mejicanos, San Salvador project of the Passionist Social Services directed by Padre Antonio Rodriguez. Staff are specialized to deal with issues facing youth seeking any type of tattoo removal. Psychological counseling is provided as needed. The clinic receives referrals from organizations which work directly with gang involved youth.

A young deportee from the US has a gang tattoo removed at the Adios al Tatuaje clinic which is part of the integrated community development work established by Padre Antonio Rodriguez.

Non-referals first contact:
Health Program of Passionist Social Services at Colonia Delicias del Norte Pasaje
Cantizano Nª 4~A, Mejicanos, San Salvador, El Salvador Centro America
Telephone: (503) 2282-4443